Natural aid a unique HIV / Aids product is now registered & approved by National drug authority, UGANDA along with earlier registrations from NAFDAC (Nigeria), Pharmacy Medicine & Poison Board (Malawi) & Ayush department, govt. of india (India).


NIXON BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the leading herbal pharmaceutical companies in India, headquatered at Ludhiana, Punjab, India
​It presents a unique example of how the knowledge and practices of the ancient world can work in perfect synergy together with modern state of the research and production facilities, culminating in the production of world class quality products.
It ensures the usuage of 100% natural and quality herbal ingredients, chosen and selected by a specialised team to bring world class products to the consumer
The company is a manufacturer and supplier of standardised herbal healthcare products which are validated, effective, safe and consistent and has a significant presence in major markets and footprints worldwide.



The Nixon Group was found by Sh. Nikka Ram Goel in 1945 as a private sector enterprise. Sh. Ravi Nandan Goel further elaborated business of the group, under guidance of his father and left no stone unturned with his intelligence and hard work which took the name of the group to greater heights of success.

Now, the third generation, Mr. Padam Goel is continuing the legacy of his father and forefathers. In view to take the name of Nixon group to next level he established a biotech company with the same group name. The company under his leadership established a separate Ayurvedic/Pharma unit under the name and style as NIXON BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED.


To be the preferred one-stop source, globally, for high quality organic and herbal medicine in health care, Nutritional and personal care industry.
Observe nature, then scientifically approach and provide healthy living.
- The vast collection of human knowledge is mostly derived from observing nature. Traditionally wisdom and modern research have united in the finding that anything natural is best suited for us as they do not cause any harmful side-effects.
- Science has helped us understand and utilise nature better. Thanks to science, It is now possible to harness herbs and other natural substances easily for improving health.
- Together nature wisdom and science provide solutions to the health problems





- To provide highest quality natural bio-resources for human health, In harmony with nature and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
- To ensure sustained satisfaction to all our customers.
- To Reach worldwide markets
- To take Ayurveda (Indian Heritage) to higher heights with new technologies & modern techniques.



1.   All our products are AYUSH (Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani,  Siddha and  Homoeopathy,  Govt. of India) certified.
2.  Our production facilities are GMP and ISO certified.
3.  Our three  products are registered by NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, Nigeria) and in Malawi too .
4.  Our product  “NATURAL AID”  is tested by NARI,  (National  AIDS Research Institute,  Pune which is WHO collaborated Lab)  for its efficacy.
5.  Its trial has been performed by Honorable Health Comissioner of Nigeria.
6.  Natural Aid  is  also tested  from  Zambia  (Zambia  Institute  of  Natural  Medicine  &  Research,  Zambia).
7.  All  products  are tested for pesticide, heavy metal  toxicity and for quality assurance from  reputed labs.



 We have well equipped laboratory with modern technology which includes-

FTIR Spectroscopy (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
GC-MS (Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrophotometer)
Solvent extractor
All these  equipments  help us in extraction, purification, isolation and quantification of herbs.
Our  research team is committed  & working  day & night to  find herbal solutions for chronic and  critical  diseases because at  Nixon, we believe that Nature has answer to every problem. We  bring  the  natural products to the market with quality,

scientific and clinical validation. In R&D, main focus remains on->
Quality Control
Quality Assurance